Innovative Solutions For Any Budget

Help your company stand out from the competition with custom-made signage, made from quality materials by Grand Rapids’ signage experts. We offer expert installation services for:

  • Digital
  • Vinyl
  • Window
  • Electrical
  • Freestanding
  • Hand-carved
  • Donor Walls
  • Exhibit
  • Banners

We ensure that your project is perfectly executed to ensure safety and durability.

Exterior Signs

Whether it be aluminum, hand-carved, internally illuminated and non-illuminated signs, or many of the other types of exterior signage, Design Edge has the knowledge and expertise to provide the appropriate type of sign to meet your company’s needs. All of our exterior signage is guaranteed to withstand even the harshest winds and weather.

If you already have signage, replacement Lexan or Panaflex sign faces are often used when an existing sign cabinet is already in place.

Interior Signs

Design Edge has designed and installed a variety of interior signs for businesses and nonprofit organizations. From custom lobby signs and wayfinding/room identification signage to donor recognition signs, any type of interior signage you need, we can provide.

Window Graphics

The Design Edge team is known for our innovative and creative approach to window graphics. We have the experience and capabilities to design and install window graphics of all sizes, from basic signage to more complex work, like two-layer effects with graphics on both the inside and outside of the glass. We frequently use Etchlook vinyl to achieve a classic look for window graphics that’s designed to last.

Our goal at Design Edge is to provide our customers with creative, original designs and high quality signs and vehicle graphics with reliable, friendly service every time.

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Michele’s Rescue

As an animal rescue, between the puppy chewing and kitten claws, our signage goes through a lot of abuse. Tom and Design Edge make sure we are always displaying our brand at events.

Michele - Michele's Rescue